Missions, money and career wisdom from NewCo’s John Battelle


“If you are contemplating a $50m investment round think long and hard. If you chase money, money will chase you.”  So said John Battelle (of Wired, Industry Standard, NewCo et al) in conversation with Dave Morgan.

Battelle’s most important career rule: “Quit when you know you should quit.”  [I know that I didn’t and I long regretted it. Ed.]

On business success: “Businesses have to have a mission, manifesto or purpose. Something that drives positive change. Something that comes from “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”. As in

”Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make milk without cows”

“Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have eggs without chickens”

And on the training front, he cited this startling fact: “In 1985 every company put 2 weeks into training its staff – today they put 1 day.”