New Pollock Spark website


I am proud to launch the latest iteration of the Pollock Spark website.  Erin Wiggers, who had designed our most recent lovely site on WordPress has been lured away from NYC to work at Microsoft, so development of our site’s latest version has fallen into the eminently capable hands of Justin Goldberg, who runs a company called (pronounced momentum).

“The site had a few quirks that I wanted to resolve to make it more mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, and inviting,” said Justin. “Site analytics suggested that visitors weren’t coming back multiple times. Showcasing the latest content with a dynamic slider and promoting content discovery through other features (like tags in the sidebar) will hopefully encourage readers to delve a little deeper. Syndicating blog posts to social media properties will expand reach and save time so you can focus more on writing and helping clients. Finally, we adopted some new strategic tools like the 5-minute questionnaires to engage users who are eager to come to grips with their own challenges and get them started on reinvigorating their careers or businesses.”

Another creative credit must absolutely go to talented photographer Christine Han, who bravely took on the challenge of photographing Michael Pollock for the new site. His previous portraits were taken over five years ago by Jenny Askew and they had already been temporarily replaced by tiny video thumbnails. You will see from Jenny’s latest gorgeous portfolio  that taking portraits of male business owners is clearly no longer her focus!  There will be more on Christine Han in future Sparkings.

I remember a long time ago hearing Jeff Bezos say “The real work on a website doesn’t begin until it is launched – so you had better be ready with your sleeves rolled up!” I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this version.