Off the grid? Not so easy!

If you saw the July edition of Sparkings, you will know that I was heading to Scotland for a summer break.

I wrote: “ One major benefit of a vacation is to get us off the grid.  To lose the knot that forms in our stomach because we can’t keep up with our online obligations or are behind on our emails or feel guilty because we haven’t tweeted or facebooked anyone in the past 10 minutes.  It really will be okay if you disappear for a couple of weeks. And people will be glad to hear from you when you return. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Sure enough, as we approached the Highlands our phone signal disappeared. And it stayed blessedly gone for days.

But this wonderfully cut off corner of the world will not be so cut off any more.  As dusk fell, we descended to the harbor at the tiny fishing village of Portree on the Hebridean island of Skye, to find something to eat and who was there to greet us – and maybe even spread our picture around the world?

None other than the Google Camera Car.

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  • That’s really funny. I wonder if they’ve been to faraway places like Mt. Everrest. That would be tragic.

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