Organic change or disruptive change? A teaser.

TS change

So you’ve decided that for bringing your organization (or career) up to date, incremental organic change is the way to go. It’s so much easier that way. No big decisions have to get made. People can be allowed to stay in their comfort zones.  No sudden movements will startle the horses or upset any apple carts.

But are you actually seeing the change you were hoping for – or has the slow and steady method just become a cover for inaction? Perhaps you should consider a pause and reset. What would it look like if you were starting from scratch and didn’t have to work with the legacy attitudes and systems that have grown up?

The search for this vision might be a good place to start in your business re-design process. Bring all the key stakeholders together and find out what’s on their minds. An objective facilitator is a good idea at this point – to keep the discussions on track and constructive. Get them all dumping their good ideas out in front of each other. Then examine what has been working well and design the new future. Do this envisioning in one swift sharp session or series of sessions. Then take a look and see what you have learned.

Next month in my series we’ll take a more detailed look at how to kickstart organizational change. This could be the chance for you to make a life-buoy out of your own coffin! (See the carpenter’s tale above)