pollock|spark team enables stronger communications

The Pollock|Spark consultant team has created a Main Message for NFTE (working through The Cyrano Project.) The same team can bring the same level of insights and help to your creative business. Here’s what David Nelson, COO of NFTE said about our strategic work for them:

“(They) worked with the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) on defining and honing our main message for communications. In the process of learning about NFTE and its work, the consultants demonstrated real understanding of our organization’s mission and came up with strategic insights which had impact beyond the message itself.

(They) helped our organization understand itself better and helped us resolve fundamental questions which are leading us to clarify our basic value proposition, as well as how we express it through messaging. This will lead us to more powerful promotion of our programs and enable us to attract more volunteers and donors over time.

I would recommend (them) to any organization seeking thoughtful analysis and stronger communications. (They) did a superb job.”

Please get in touch if we can help your business clarify its value proposition and get more powerful promotion of your services.