Print Journalist: Coaching “paid off time and time again”

I was dubious about how much career coaching could do for me.  But I was pleasantly surprised by how much my career trajectory and the way I thought about the business of print journalism changed over my sessions with Michael.

One of the best things about Michael was that he understood the business I am in, and how it operates; there was no need to brief him on how more ‘creative’ professions work differently from more traditional corporate structures. That meant we could start making progress on my career immediately.

He listened to what I was saying and was able to distill from that where I really wanted my career as a freelance journalist to go. During our sessions he helped me think about my skills and experience in a different way. He changed the way I thought about self-promotion and networking…. I use networking to my advantage now, and by using Michael’s techniques I have doubled the number of magazines I work for, strengthened existing relationships with editors, and become confident about walking into a room filled with my professional peers. I ask for work, instead of waiting to get offered it – and that approach (one I never would have considered before working with Michael) has paid off time and time again in the last 12 months.

I won’t hesitate to work with Michael again next time I reach a roadblock in my career.

Testimonial of a journalist whose writes regularly for National and International Press and Magazines