Q+A: Should I do a resume mass mailing?

Questions from our Readers
Answered by Michael Pollock

Q: Other than a poor return, are there any drawbacks to sending out mass resumes to all appropriate companies? I have tried all the things people have suggested, worked a couple hours a day on networking, on Facebook and LinkedIn, and still nothing. So I thought I would try a mass mailing but wanted to check with you first.

A: If it will make you feel better, then go ahead. But bear in mind how you feel when you get a communication that is clearly written “to whom it may concern.” Your suggestion that there will be a poor return to this is probably more optimistic than mine.

Here is how I might suggest you spend your effort instead. If you have been networking, and to no effect, then perhaps you are not presenting your true and unique value to the appropriate people who will jump at the chance to have you on their team.       Perhaps the way you are framing your skills is not quite right. Perhaps it is not clear and succinct enough. Perhaps your target companies or executive selections are not fine-tuned enough.

I would much rather suggest you spend time working on these aspects than doing a mass mailing.