Is this what you really want to be doing?

A lot of people seem to be taking this current disruption (delicately put, no?) to figure out whether they are really doing what they want to be doing.

One client is wondering whether his creative business is actually providing him with the creative satisfaction he craves. Well, truth be told, several clients are working on that one. Another client is finally getting going on the movie he’s always wanted to make. Another friend is talking about abandoning his Hollywood career and going to build houses in Thailand.

This seems like the right time for asking the questions and making the choices. Should I drop what I have been doing and jump headfirst into a new adventure or is there a way to do both? A lot of times in my work with clients we find a really satisfying way to reframe their day job so that it leads organically towards that dream job. Very often the course is there, it was just hard to chart from inside the trenches.

I encourage these dreams – so many of them make a huge amount of sense. Let’s all make some bold choices about what pipe we are laying for our futures. This will turn out to be the time of opportunity – let us enjoy it and use it well.