Reap Rewards from Strategic Partnerships

Creative people are especially protective of their ideas and they’re famously reluctant to share. I understand that, I am such a person myself. But I see so much duplication of effort and overhead that surely in these days of tighter margins there could be riches waiting for those who make smart alliances.

I have seen some very productive work and significant revenue resulting from strategic partnerships. Lots of times you are slaving away on your own to climb the same hill others are also tackling. What if you pooled some resources and supported each other’s efforts?

I challenge you to look at your business and think very hard about who is doing work that complements or supplements yours and which companies share interests with yours. Then project what the benefits of partnering with them could be. Besides, two heads can be smarter than one.

Might you possibly have to give a little but gain a lot? Think about it. This can be another kind of opportunity worth opening your mind to as you seize this troubled day.