Resumes again

I do keep banging on about resumes, but so many people are so obsessed with them. They seem to think that doing their resume is the same as getting a job. They invest so much of themselves in the layout and the chronology and where the address should sit. And by the way you have no idea how many resumes I see where the first thing a recruiter is asked to read is the applicant’s street address. Really? Do they think someone is going to pick up a pen and write them a letter?

I suppose it is easy to feel productive if you are working on your resume. But I wish all that energy could be spent on figuring out why you are particularly special and why anyone should care and who is that person going to be. And what is it exactly about you that they are going to care about as opposed to all the others.

Some ideas follow below on a communications plan for your job search. Think of the resume as an ad for you. And you know ad people don’t write ads without having done the research, knowing the target demographic, having the insights and understanding the product. They don’t write without all that.  Do they?