Running a Creative Business

Experience has taught us that each creative business has its own personality and its own idiosyncratic way of working: there is no cookie cutter for building and running a creative team.

But there are some principles that hold up:

There needs to be a clear vision, passionately held, that reflects where things stand and where things should be headed. This vision will certainly include the creative quality and style of the work being done and it may also encompass the types of people on the team and the creative environment.

Care and feeding of Creatives
Creatives need a nurturing working environment that inspires and allows them to do their best work. Creativity needs to be rewarded — that includes rewarding failure — and money is not the only reward for an artist. For a truly creative organization, business success will not survive without creative success.

An effective and respected cheerleader is a critical part of the team. Creative people are passionate about what they do: yet still they thrive on support and encouragement. The cheerleader will play the role of mentor, creative coach and catalyst.