Seismic or organic? How to implement change.

A CEO asked me what is the best way to change an organization – is it necessary to have a seismic change or is organic change the better solution?

The organization is not a monolithic entity, it is a bunch of disparate people – each of whose behavior needs to be changed and who need to collaborate with the rest of the team who are also being asked to change. Some people thrive on big gestures – they love the grand play and could respond well to a seismic change – it will get their adrenalin going and things can happen. Others may be intimidated and not willing to go so far in one go.

This is something that a smart consultant or manager will have to assess for each group of people. Someone with experience can find the right way to do this and can do it in an
objective way so that egos are not hurt and relationships can stay strong.

Once again the old saw applies – if you can’t get started, perhaps the first step is too big.