What are you selling?

I was talking to a business owner who said that because his business was falling off he needed new sales people. I took a look at what he had and saw that the problem was more fundamental than just sales. His talent roster was superannuated and the work they were showing was just not going to cut it in today’s marketplace. (And also his client studios hadn’t been decorated since the 70’s and believe me it wasn’t working as “trendy retro”!) So in fact he had a problem with what he was selling which had to be addressed before any new sales team went out and sold.

I know that it is often easy to blame sales and even to replace salespeople. But it is important to challenge yourself and your product so that it is as good as it can be and it is constantly refreshed and renewed. Then there is something that is saleable. Think of the saying “it’s so good it sells itself”. Well, okay we know things don’t actually sell themselves, but it sure is nice to have a product that, once they’ve seen it people want it. When you’ve got a great product, then you’ll be amazed at how well your sales team can do.