Marketing KickStart

You know your marketing is only really effective when all the pieces work together to tell the same story: the right story to the right people. Pollock Spark will help you develop a marketing strategy and put a plan into effect to generate real results.  Get in touch with us to get the Marketing KickStart that will make the difference for your business.

* Intensive Marketing KickStart

Get the inspiration, ideas and plan you need to kickstart your marketing program.  The Intensive Marketing KickStart features Pollock|Spark’s half-day structured brainstorming session with you and your core team. Together we’ll define goals for your business, identify who can help you to reach them, and start to plan how best to persuade them. We will also examine what resources you have in place to get this implemented and we’ll provide a written summary of our conclusions and recommendations. Our experience has shown that some of the best ideas can arise in these focused and intensive sessions.  This may be all you need to get your marketing program moving in a productive direction.


* Find out where you stand vs the competition

Pollock Spark conducts in-depth interviews to learn what your clients, past and present, really think about you. They’ll tell us things they’ll never tell you.
You’ll learn how they make their buying decisions, who they think you compete with, how you rate and where you fit in. We will present top-line results (individual responses are necessarily kept confidential so that we can get the real dope) and we’ll workshop with your core team to help them apply what they’ve learned.

What’s your story?  We develop your Main Message

This is the most important thing you will do this year.  Pollock Spark will create a concise, clear and persuasive articulation of what your business does: your Main Message.  You will use this as a basis for every communication, both internal and external. The program includes our Intensive Marketing KickStart Workshop and in-depth research among selected clients and former clients.

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