Are you a sidetrepreneur?

A new word flew through the ether into my consciousness yesterday and I liked it.

The word is sidetrepreneurship.

I immediately understood this to mean the process of taking the initiative to start a business off the side of one’s desk, in addition to having a day job. So very many people I know are still working their regular gigs but are spending all their nights and weekends developing an app or service, or building an entertainment franchise, or otherwise aiming to be the next Instagram, the next billion dollar baby.

I understood the concept at once.

So I looked it up on Google. And on Bing. And as of this morning there were zero citations. No references were found. None.

Could we be in at the beginning of something new? Well the word may be new but certainly the concept is not.

Since once again being an entrepreneur has replaced being in finance as the sexy and potentially lucrative career option, more and more people are striving to develop their passions into a business. And if keeping their day job so they can pay the rent and eat is what it takes, then they must all be sidetrepreneurs.

Are you a sidetrepreneur? Let me know. And I’ll see you at your IPO.