Coaching: cases

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Client: Film Production Company

Need: Their Executive Producer was much liked in the company, but the Principals were not convinced that he was effectively fulfilling his function, and he was not responding to their guidance.

Result: Pollock worked with the EP as a coach and guided him successfully to strengthen his performance. The Principals later said, “Even the CFO was impressed!”

Client: New York based Digital Design Firm

Need: The Executive Creative Director and the Head of Production were not managing their projects and staff effectively and morale was low. Projects were delivered late and no new business had been won in several months. The company owner was considering letting them go.

Result: After Pollock worked individually with the two executives, they were back on track, managing well and delivering work on time. New business was being brought in again and both still have their jobs. The owner was delighted with the results.

Client: Film Director

Need: This director had taken a few years away from making TV commercials while he was making feature films. He wanted to relaunch his commercials business but his presentation was out of date and lacked focus.

Result: Working with Pollock, the director was able to identify his creative strengths and tailored his “story” and his presentation to make a powerful case. Within the next months he told me: “I have been booked solid. I shot nine new spots in the last eight weeks. Being able to shoot with the confidence of knowing my strengths has been a great pleasure. I have never had a run this strong.”

Client: 12-year old film postproduction company

Need: Business was on the decline and the owner was wondering whether he should close the doors.

Result: After conducting a 360 review, including interviews with clients, former clients and employees, Pollock recommended that the company be rebranded and relaunched with a new sales and marketing staff. They expanded their facility and attracted new creative talent. The owner is once again being coached by Pollock, as he starts on a new wave of expansion.

Client: Film Design and Production Company

Need: The new owners of an eight-year-old design and production company turned to Pollock to help them plan their relaunch.

Result: Pollock worked with Principals and staff to guide and motivate them in crafting a fresh positioning, create a new corporate identity package, website, direct mail and online advertising and threw parties. The next year saw a 50% increase in business.

Client: Film and Commercial Producer

Need: The phone had stopped ringing. This Producer had previously sought help from others to create a new resume, but it had not been effective in getting responses.

Result: Pollock worked with her to create a new and more compelling description of the value she offered to a potential hirer. The new approach immediately resulted in responses from hirers – some even told her “I love your resume.”

Client: Film Editor – TV Commercials

Need: After several years of slow progress his career was stalled. He working far below capacity and was stuck in a rut with low profile work.

Result: Pollock worked with him to develop a clear expression of the value he offered to clients, supported by a compelling presentation that demonstrated this strength. This clarity resulted in successive record business years and with new, higher profile accounts. He has recently started directing and has returned to Pollock for further coaching for this new phase of his career.

Client: Music Production Company

Need: This small music company was in the doldrums. Following a very busy few years its business had fallen almost to nothing. The owners, a Producer and a Composer, were disheartened and uncertain what to do next.

Result: Pollock conducted a 360 review including leadership, staff, clients and potential clients. The company’s unique strengths became clear and they were able to focus a message that would resonate. The owners regained their excitement for the business and worked with Pollock to develop a marketing campaign to reenergize the business. This resulted in a flow of new business. One Principal said, “ I think this is something we should do every year.”

Client: A New Advertising Agency

Need: A film company had been awarded a large advertising account direct from a major brewery, but its project-based structure as a production company needed revamping to manage this new kind of relationship.

Result: Pollock assisted them in figuring out who was doing what and who should do what. He helped to design a new organizational structure and define the responsibilites of key staffers. “I am so glad you wrote this stuff down for us,” said the Agency Chairman later. “It is so good to be able to pull it out and make sure we are still on the right track.”