Consulting: cases

Details of our client relationships are respected as completely confidential. The following are actual cases, though they may not be named.

* Strategic Business Planning for Global Ad Agency

Leaders at RedWorks, a global division of ad agency Ogilvy, needed to design a new strategic broadcast capability – but there were not enough hours in the day to do it themselves.  So they brought in Pollock Spark to drive the process.

In designing the business model, we met with other WPP affiliates; we spoke with managers in North American divisions as well as in Asia and Europe; we analyzed the current complex web of workflow and asset management systems; speaking with brand teams, we explored the potential revenue; we identified and evaluated partners.  The result, working with the RedWorks team, was a high-level business plan, a workflow model, staffing and systems recommendations and an action plan for developing the business.  All accomplished in just a few weeks.

Here is what the client told us: “Michael was absolutely instrumental in helping us to design and build a new strategic broadcast capability for RedWorks. Through partnering with Michael I learned that he possesses a truly unique blend of strategic savvy and operational experience – thinking at 30,000 feet while simultaneously piecing together the jigsaw on the ground. And he does it all with a much-valued sense of humor. Without Michael’s help, we would never have ended in as good of a place as we ultimately did.”

Quinn O’Brien
Director of Global Operations and North American Managing Director
RedWorks, an Ogilvy Company

Marketing Strategy for Branded Casual Games Company

We were asked by a small but busy company that creates branded casual games how best they should market themselves.  The market for branded games is immature yet evolving quickly.  Some large corporations have had success with games for their brands but it was not always clear how and where the decision was made to include this channel in a media or communications plan.

We investigated, speaking in depth to decision makers at global marketers,to media buyers and planners, and to online publishers. We came to a clear focus on the most productive targets for the company’s marketing efforts.  We also carefully studied the competitive set, and at an intensive workshop session with the company principals  we crafted a strong value statement that responds to the market needs and differentiates them clearly from their competitors.

* Rebranding and relaunching

A 10-year-old film company had lost momentum. Pollock*Spark researched its standing in the market place and recommended a rebrand and relaunch. We worked with the owners to rename, redesign and reposition the company, replace its sales force and attract new creative talent. The result: a record breaking sales year and significant new hires.

* Marketing for new owners

A successful 22-year old film production company had been sold to two of its employees. Pollock*Spark researched its position in the marketplace and made recommendations for operational and market changes to take advantage of changing conditions. The new ownership has enthusiastically embraced the inspirational plan.

* Online survey leads to “reinvigoration”

Pollock*Spark fielded an online survey for a membership organization and made sweeping recommendations based on insights from the learning. The result was “a reinvigorated organization.”

* Team motivation

The owners of a flourishing creative business felt that its staff was not growing creatively. Pollock*Spark worked to motivate each of them, one-on-one, defining their strengths and helping them to develop their careers and presentations. The owners told us, “Your support and wisdom have already improved our business, and we’re looking forward to continuing the collaboration.”

* Structuring an Ad Agency

Pollock Spark helped the owners of a film production company to transform it into an advertising agency. Pollock*Spark helped them design a new organizational structure and define the responsibilities of the key players. “I am so glad you wrote this stuff down for us,” said the client’s Chairman. “It is so good to be able to pull it out and make sure we are still on the right track.”

* Brand Research

A film production company wanted to expand its services. In order to help it decide whether to use its existing brand name or a fresh brand, Pollock*Spark interviewed senior leaders and buyers in the field to discover their perception of the client’s brand and where it stood against its competitors. The client told us that we “delivered an analysis that is relevant, clear and integral to creating forward movement.”

* Integrated Marketing for a Company Relaunch

The new owners of an eight-year-old design and production company turned to Pollock*Spark to plan and lead the marketing for their relaunch. Pollock*Spark crafted a new Positioning, brought in award-winning designers to create a new corporate identity package and website, secured press coverage and motivated staff. Business increased 50% over the previous year.

* Refocusing Business Objectives

The editor-owner of a film postproduction company sought an independent POV as to how to strengthen his core business, add new creative services and expand in Europe. Pollock*Spark created a revised set of business objectives and a Marketing Plan. To strengthen the team’s efforts, Pollock*Spark came up with new ways to enrich the creative environment and put together a personalized action plan for each team member. The result was renewed energy, a new sense of direction and significant new high-quality clients.

* Team building at JWT

Talented TV producers at global ad agency JWT were sitting on their thumbs and the wrong people were working on the wrong projects. Pollock created a unified Production Department and collaborated with Chairman James Patterson to ensure that effective TV spots were produced to award-winning standards and that money was saved for JWT by efficient and effective use of the talents and time of its producers.

* Creating Innovative New Revenue Stream

Pollock designed and implemented Film Not Film: the first film-editing studio placed inside an ad agency, yet owned and operated by an outside firm: DHA[USA]. This revolutionary outsourcing concept generated new creative opportunities and a new revenue stream for its editor/owners. Without loss of artistic quality, ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi saved money for itself and its clients.

* Growing a Film Business

As COO and Executive Producer, Pollock grew Vito DeSario Editing, a small film-editing boutique, into Version2 Editing, one of the largest and most highly respected creative companies in the competitive New York market.

* Streamlining workflow for TNT

Turner Network Television asked Pollock to evaluate their process for creating on-air promotions. He talked to everyone involved from creatives to secretaries to Turner corporate management. This led to a comprehensive streamlining proposal freeing writer/producers to focus on creative work, eliminating redundancies and saving money for TNT.