Specifics of our client relationships are respected as completely confidential. The following are actual testimonials even where they are not attributed. Scroll down, or refresh the page to change the order of testimonials.

After we had revised her resume, this client forwarded this “testament of our work together,” sent from a connection of hers: “I clicked on (a LinkedIn update) and saw your name with an intriguing quote so I clicked again, and WOW!! Girl, ...
Digital Product Designer

I was able to see that I have way more interesting skills/experience than what is outlined on my resume.

Creative Professional
You took us to a whole new level that we would not have reached on our own.
Creative Business Leader
I want to thank you for all the guidance during our sessions, especially helping me take ownership of my past accomplishments while representing my unconventional career path with confidence. You created a nurturing space for me to explore the ideal motivators, something I’ve been shutting d...
Director, Arts and culture, audience and program development
I am excited about moving forward!
Creative Professional
You asked many questions that we had let lurk in the shadows and pointed us in the right direction.
Creative Business Partner
Since we [worked together] I have not stopped working. I have been booked solid. I shot nine new spots in the last eight weeks. Being able to shoot with the confidence of knowing my strengths has been a great pleasure. I have never had a run this strong.
Film Director, TV spots
I am going to accept a position with [a major entertainment company] tomorrow. They have somewhat created a position for me …I’m excited because this brings together all my skills/experience in Music, Sponsorship, Marketing and allows me innovative thinking. I wanted to thank you for our session...
Media professional: Music, Sponsorships, Marketing
Having just finished working with Michael, I can enthusiastically say he brought great insight and value to my thinking about next steps in my career. He quickly grasped my past accomplishments and future aspirations and expertly kept us moving forward, making sure we achieved all agreed up...
Specialist in Sponsorships and Publishing
Michael was absolutely instrumental in helping us to design and build a new strategic broadcast capability for RedWorks.  Through partnering with Michael I learned that he possesses a truly unique blend of strategic savvy and operational experience – thinking at 30,000 feet while simultaneously p...
Quinn OBrien, RedWorks, an Ogilvy Company
Michael (Pollock, pollock*spark) has a very strong ability to focus deeply on a company and draw out important, often overlooked, issues. His suggestions for next steps and action plans are excellent. Michael has been instrumental in helping us clearly define goals and working towards achie...
Creative Business Leader
Thank you. I had a great time and learned a lot from working with you. … your method, your process - probing, sometimes free-form, always energetic and purposeful - has really helped me start to focus, in a totally new way for me, on who I am, what I’ve accomplished, what I might have to offer...
Design-driven content producer
I've reflected back on our conversations and for the most part, you have been point blank right.
Early stage Startup Entrepreneur

I have, and will continue to recommend the coaching. The coaching sessions truly are a “spark”. …the sessions got me excited about what I’ve done, what I can do and what I hope to do.  It’s one of the best investments you can make if you’re in the creative field.

Creative Professional
Having had the pleasure of working together with Michael recently, I can only say that he has brought both imagination, clarity and empowering solutions to BeAnimation. His ability to understand and address the complicated aspirations of our company in it’s overall goal to renew our relationship w...
Adrian Edwards, Director, BE Animation

I was well positioned, knew my value prop and just made it clear that no one else could come close to what I am able to deliver to them…Since working with you, interviewing is like shooting fish in a barrel. Thanks!

Creative Professional
It really feels like I am moving into a new level of regular and much more profitable business now, thanks for your support? 🙂
Advertising Agency Principal
Your support and wisdom have already improved our business, and we're looking forward to continuing the collaboration.
Creative Business Executive
I reached out to Michael when I felt I was at a turning point in my career. As I explained to him on the first call, “I feel that I’m close and that the answer is right in front of me but I can’t see it.” He helped me see it. Michael is a good listener and very intuitive. He l...
Entertainment business / social media expert
I hired Pollock*Spark to help me sharpen my business efforts by focusing on the Clients likely to use my services. He challenges my thinking, helps me become the master of my own destiny and always looks at my situation from a fresh and smart perspective. He hates bullshit and is incisive but always...
TV commercial director
I hired Michael two weeks after launching my consulting business, after I’d sent emails to everyone I knew and realized I had no idea what to do next. In a matter of weeks, he helped me create a unique position in the market, make my website more targeted and succinct, collect great testi...
Media Planning Specialist
Michael Pollock’s work is sheer artistry. He clearly saw what made me unique and desirable, then helped me to identify and articulate those qualities in my resume and presentation. Through probing and questioning, Michael reached in and coaxed out the best, bolder me. Having been away from the com...
Broadcast Journalist
The Pollock*Spark report has served as a trusted guide for the board of directors and the professional staff. It has helped navigate the substantial structural and behavioral changes the association has gone through, helped change the way AICE conducts its business and the way it informs and engages...
Professional Org for Film Editors
Every once in a while, you meet someone with such clarity that their words and viewpoints just clear the clouds away.  That's how I feel when working with you. In three short sessions, I have gained more from our conversations than I ever thought I would and I want to thank you for m...
Marketing director
With the precision of a skilled surgeon, the creative mind set of a celebrated artist, and a grounded-ness that is only gifted to the very best and brightest, Michael Pollock set to work on helping to shape the professional me. I came to him looking to focus how I represent myself as a lead...
Digital Strategist, Founder, CEO
I feel like you have launched me. You have given me strength to be bold and ask of people, which I've never done before so thank you. I have suggested to my friend xxxx to use you. I think she could really use your clarity and strategy.
Marketing Director
Hey Obe Won: I feel really lucky to be working with you on this stuff.
Film Director
This (coaching) was a terrific experience …. Thank you for your creativity, honesty, and insightfulness. You’re easy to open up to. I never felt judged. You were always prepared and able to quote things I had said 2 sessions before. It’s invaluable as a human being to be listened to on that le...
Creative Professional
I wanted to thank you for a great presentation. I loved hearing about your approach on resume writing. Certainly had me thinking. You are certainly welcome back at any time. - Assistant Director, NYU I was on your career development class on last Friday, and it was amazing. What you s...
NYU Career Development Seminar
Thanks for your guidance today, as I expressed I was feeling pretty down and unfocused, today's talk and plan helped a lot!
Creative business owner
I immediately connected to your non-linear approach to having a conversation. Not only do you understand creatives and our industry but your creative conversational style constantly stimulated new thought paths in my mind that helped me find my own ideas and clarity. Going through the process has gi...
Brand design director, Global sportswear company
I said good things about you to your face and I’ll say them behind your back as well. I thought you navigated a potentially difficult internal political situation at our company very well (difficult because of the self-perception differences between the partners), advertised your services accurate...
Film Production Company
Before the sessions my general outlook was ...somewhat dire. From the beginning, Michael saw my strengths and encouraged them.
Creative Professional
Michael Pollock showed me how to improve my confidence and refine my leadership skills.  He pointed out my known strengths, directed me to focus on an informative outlook vs a defensive stance.  Many thanks again.
Film Production Co, Executive Producer
Although you laid out the structure and the “mini-goals”, it gelled in our final meeting beyond what I expected. As if it were a well told story and we came to the third act.  I hope we do another round 12 months from now. It’s really as important to me as seeing your doctor regularl...
Creative Music Professional
I did four coaching sessions with Michael and he empowered all my professional and creative potential proving with focus, constructive critic and action. He helped me to go from many options to find the option and do not get lost. He has a combination of 'impossible is nothing' and 'grounded touch' ...
Global Strategy and Creative Director: Barcelona, Spain
… I got an offer … I'm very happy! The second interview went extraordinarily well. My session with you proved most productive … My preparedness was key and I'm so grateful for your help and guidance. I'm incredibly thrilled to have been offered this position and really excited to start ...
Interview prep for leadership position

I went from lackluster “brand" materials (cover letter, resume etc.) in serious need of improvement to getting job offers and finding new opportunities in the span of weeks.

Creative Professional - jobseeker
Even the CFO was impressed!
Postproduction Company Leader
I was surprised by how much my career trajectory and the way I thought about the business of print journalism changed over my sessions with Michael….by using Michael’s techniques I have doubled the number of magazines I work for, strengthened existing relationships with editors, and become confi...
Print Journalist
Thank you very much for all of your efforts. Your analysis of our SWOT and your recommendations on how we should proceed are immensely valuable to us. ... it was critical that we received an objective viewpoint on the highest value opportunities to pursue. Picking a specific direction, given our li...
SF-based Games Company
Michael took a quick look at my resume and a long look at me and synthesized what was needed to make them match. He drew things out that I hadn’t articulated, and helped me breathe a sense of what I really did into those words on paper. I made those changes on my LinkedIn resume and three months l...
Social Media Director