Things I heard at Web 2.0 Expo

Some things wise, some provocative, some opaque.

“When designing software, think of it as an object. Does it have sharp edges? Is it soft or hard? Can you see through it?”

“Design your program as if you were curating it. Don’t put in features unless they really belong and make it better. A room containing all the art in the world is not a museum, it’s a warehouse.”

“Please don’t keep doing your job if it doesn’t make you happy. You can lose just as much money being happy as being unhappy.”

The brand experience is the aftertaste you have from an encounter with the brand.”

“TV syndication rates for shows have fallen to 25% of what they were due to Internet/Bittorrent viewing.”

“When you talk to clients about metrics for “new media”, you have to start by talking to them about their old ways of measuring, and then explain how the new way is better.”

“The Grand Gesture is dead.” I heard this whole presentation and cannot explain it to you. But I did get introduced to this wonderful clip of Sid Caesar arguing to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.