Top 7 sound-bites from BuzzFeed Prez, Greg Coleman


On BuzzFeed’s crazy-fast growth

  • When he started out, BuzzFeed founder Jonah Perretti was experimenting with contagious media in his Chinatown lab – because he was interested in what would work and not because he was following a business plan.
  • At BuzzFeed we live in a test and learn environment every day.
  • We are in 7 countries as of May 2015 and will be in 13 by the end of the year.
  • Our current NY office fits 500 – we are moving to a space that fits 1600.
  • 75% of our views are not on our own site.
  • When the gold/white, or whatever colors it was, dress started to resonate, we put all hands on deck into a swarm to see what we could do with it. By the evening people from Russia to Brazil were arguing over the color.

On hand-to-hand sales

  • I like to be able to put my hands into the wounds of advertisers

On conquering video

  • Video has become important to us at BuzzFeed.
  • We’ve gone from 1 to 4 billion video views mostly split between Facebook and YouTube.
  • We are now looking at character development in long form video.

On innovation that doesn’t work

  • My experience at Yahoo! told me that nothing disruptive ever comes from internal innovation groups.

On testing and learning

  • Test and learn. Test and learn.
  • Failure is not disheartening. Test and learn.

On how to evaluate a new gig

  • When considering a new gig for myself, my priorities are, in this order:
    1. To work with the best people
    2. To be in sync with the company mission
    3. What will they pay me.

On the perils of getting a job in adtech

  • If you find a good adtech company – you are f**ked.
  • If you find a great adtech company you will kill yourself working extremely hard – and then you only have a chance of succeeding.

On the death of advertising as it was

  • As you leave you’ll pass our creatives. If you want, they’ll do an ad for you on your way out. [Take that ad agencies. Ed]

OK so that is way more than 7 – but I understand that 7 is the magic number, so that is what the headline says. And, just so you know, here is what a private office looks like at BuzzFeed.