Uber-awesome job ad for a creative professional. Are you a match? Is anyone?


I’m super-excited about this job ad for a creative pro. Truth to tell, it’s pretty stoked about itself. Well actually it’s an uber-exclusive mashup, sourced entirely from actual ads I sampled in an absolutely thrilling dip into LinkedIn and a couple other sites. Use it to help set your own baseline – whether you’re a hirer or as talent on the move. Does it speak to you? Here it is:

This company isn’t like the other guys.  It is looking for a a rock star to join their awesome team. A highly talented, entrepreneurial individual to lead, build and cultivate, with credibility, maturity, and ability, gumption, and ideas, someone with an inspirational creative vision with a heavy technical focus and high standards.

An innovative and creative leader who can inspire creativity. The successful candidate will deliver against the company’s Thought Leadership strategy and play a pivotal role generating original, bold, and on-strategy creative ideas… breakthrough ideas.

Someone who is highly collaborative as well as an independent thinker. Bright, ambitious, smart, driven, experienced, with a thirst for engagement, a Lean orientation and a gorgeous portfolio filled with game-changing work and full of killer lead funnel experiences.  With a willingness to take risks and manage them intelligently, you will need to maintain a clear sense of purpose and priority, while also executing delivery of multiple projects on tight deadlines. 

Think of this as a kind of special forces team — a small, elite unit with a critical mission. Do you have capacity on the grid? For your hard work, you will be rewarded with an offer that will include an excellent base salary,…. and a great looking office! 

Must be willing to take drug test and submit to a background investigation.

So my career building friend, are you in? Do the breathless specifics in your cover letter and portfolio sing this song?  Do your epic leadership and design chops measure up and can you sell the story?  Does your resume reflect all this?  Will it come across in your interview?

And as for the hiring managers, recruiters and HR pros among you, I wish you the best of luck in your search. I trust you will recognize the winner when you meet her/him.

Fun, right?  Go get em guys!