Use your positioning every day

Your Positioning is what others think about you. It is not what you say you are, nor is it what you feel about yourselves.

What people think of you is what will lead them to work with you – or not. So you want what they think of you to be motivating.

You obviously can influence their thinking by how you act with them and what you tell them. As in any relationship, every time you interact with someone you are affecting what they think of you: either changing their impression, or reinforcing what they already thought. Do you want them to think you’re where the cool clients go, or you’re talented and eccentric, or technical nerds who can solve anything, or amazingly original? What will it take to persuade them to think that thing? The answer to that needs to show up in your marketing plan. If you are consistent every time they interact with you then they will form a clear and consistent picture. If you are inconsistent or contradictory then they will get confused and you will simply be positioned in their minds as a confusing company.

So every time you reach them – every impression at every touchpoint – must be informed by how you want to position yourself. Every time the phone is answered or someone visits your office, every time you have a meeting or run an ad or issue a press release or invite someone to lunch. Every delivery and every piece of mail should be reinforcing the one thing you want them to think about you.