A way to help your client and grow your business

Do you have clients who don’t know what else you can do for them?  You know all the things that your company can do, but unless you tell your clients, how are they going to know? 

I was talking to the client of a design firm I was working with, and discovered she was taking a huge chunk of her creative project – which my client could have been doing – to another company.  “I didn’t know they could do that too,” she said.  “Why didn’t they tell me? It would have saved me a lot of trouble.” 

And she’s right.  You can’t just assume that everyone knows what’s going on in that room down the hall.  Since your client already trusts you creatively, she will very likely consider a new service or talent that you are offering.  So it is up to you to make sure she knows about them.  Introduce her to your other teams.  Cross-sell her your other services.  Show her the work and tell her how it can help her.