Whatever happened to client loyalty?

“Whatever happened to client loyalty?” is a cry I hear over and over again from clients in the advertising field: especially from the creative shops that sell to ad agencies: film, music, editing, design and so on.

Well, sorry guys, loyalty is not even a relevant concept here. If you give them better than they expected and they keep wanting the same thing – then they might just come back. But that is not about loyalty, it’s about their own self-interest. For these ad guys who are buying your services, novelty rules. Your typical creative client is always in search of new sensations and lives in hope that the next company will excite them in some new way. And there are no metrics to hold them back.

Of course since the marketing directors keep changing and the economy is tough – the ad agencies are constantly pressured to find a new magic bullet to move the needle – no client is satisfied with the status quo.

So none of this has anything to do with loyalty. Don’t even think about it. Sorry.