When is your great idea just so much hot air?



You probably have a million great ideas. But they are all worth nothing unless you develop them, or publish, or execute, or produce something from those ideas. Without your action they are just hot air. But the leap to action can seem daunting – “far too big to take on – I don’t have time for that.”  And then you get to the point where you wake up in the middle of the night and realize that the idea you had a couple of years ago just had a 50 billion dollar IPO – and you were not involved.  “Rats. Oh well,” you rationalize to yourself, “I could never have done that.”
I am here to ask – did you give it a try? Too big is not an excuse.  Well actually it is an excuse, that’s just what it is.  Did you even take that first step? Every journey begins with…well you know how it goes.

When you have an idea that seems smart to you – why not take a good look at it and figure out the first tiny step toward making it come to life. It could be as simple as fantasizing the cast list, writing the first scene, sketching the product, or printing a 3D prototype (Did you know there places that will do just this thing for you – for free? Here’s one).  Maybe you have a team in place for another project and can assign someone to research your new idea.

There must be some small first step that can turn the idea from just an idea into a project that can eventually be your IPO or Oscar or whatever it is you dream of.