Will 3-D models ever replace flesh and blood fashion models?

Karlie in Bavaria

You may remember the fear in the eyes of the players of pianists, bassoonists and horn players when they first figured out that their beautiful acoustic notes were being sampled, recombined into new works and reused a zillion times.

Is that fear now creeping into the mascaraed eyes of fashion models?

Neha Singh, Head of Product at Vogue, spoke with a group at NewYork’s Projective Space (itself a home to Buffer, Uber, Indigogo, Eventbrite and many more startup successes). She told us of the Vogue/Instagram project in which 3D printed models of Karlie Kloss, posed in a variety of positions and outfits, were sent to Instagramers around the world to be photographed in settings of their choice. One big fashion-biz shoot, one top model, many frocks, many pics in many countries.

Here is the slideshow of Karlie’s epic 3D printing journey.

Could this be the thin end of the wedge?

This is sure to entice the fashion industry to explore some new dreams. Where do you think it”ll take them? And how many of the top faces will survive the trip?

(BTW, asked about how she resolves team conflict, Singh, a former Google engineer, said that conflict, both internal and with client, is resolved by data. This is not what you’d expect to hear from Vogue)

Photo: Alex Waltl @alex_wtb;
Fashion Editor: Karen Kaiser