Words of wisdom from Matthew McConaughey


“Just want to be here.”  So says Matthew McC.

This clip was sent to me by Mark Gothelf, an IT consultant from New York.  “I was struck by the simple wisdom in this statement,” Mark wrote me.  “How many times do we just go through the motions, or overlay what we do with anxiety, or have our mind on something else, so we never allow ourselves to “just want to be here.”

Think about it.  When you want to be there you will be positive and engaged.  You will radiate delight.  People will enjoy being with you and want more of you.  What better advice for your own interviews, your job pitches, your client meetings.

“But,” I hear you cry, “I don’t always want to be there.”  Well then three possibilities come to mind: one is that maybe you should consider the ramifications of not being there; two is  isolate just one aspect of being there that will feel good and concentrate on that; and three is found in the immortal words of Master Thespian – “Acting. Genius. Thank you!”