Working in the “awesomest team” – who gets the credit?


So in the hive of the awesomest team, whose work is it?  Who gets the credit?  The answer – from a recent group of panelists representing IDEO, Huge and Google seems to be: no-one.  Each individual is just so happy to be a part of “the awesomest team.” These words from Jonathan Lee, Design Lead at Google UXA.

Can you go home and feel good that you had something to do with a particular small victory today? Yes you can. But your work is just a small part of a much larger and complex whole. So you will have a tricky time showing your portfolio as your own work. There is no “see what I did,” so a hirer will have to challenge you with skills tests to see what you can actually do and how you do it.  And there will be tests of how you work with others.  These are the key.  There will be many of these tests over a considerable span of time if you are aiming at Google. Or a whole bunch in one intense day for other companies.  And you will be being judged on your humility and ability to fit in, just as much as on your skills, if not more.

Q: So what did you create today?  A: I helped my co-worker, I made a good suggestion, I finished my assigned tasks and I am happy and honored to be working so closely with such a great group of people.  It’s a truly awesome team.

Now let’s go play ping-pong and drink beer.