What are you working on?

It’s hard for many creative people to talk about their own work. But if you know what you are good at – and you truly are excited by it – you can usually make a compelling case to someone else that it is worthy of their attention.

But to talk about what you are good at in the abstract can be really tough. I suggest that you always have an answer to the question: “What are you working on right now?” You should always have a project on the go – if only because you are pushing your limits, or trying something new or just plain driven. It can be a commissioned project or it can be something you are doing for yourself – just have something going on at all times that moves you.

If your project is a work that you truly care about then you will enthrall me with your description of what it is – how it works – what it’s going to look like – how you are going about it – whatever aspect of it is on your mind.

This will serve the dual purpose of keeping your creative juices flowing and giving me, and others, a way to understand you and your thinking and your point of view. I always get the best answers from people when I ask them “What are you working on right now?.” A specific answer can speak so much more eloquently than a general philosophical answer. (Though you absolutely do need to understand the foundation of what drives you and what your work represents – get in touch and we can talk about that if you like)

If you don’t have an answer right now to “What are you working on?” – well that must be because you are just starting something new – so in fact you do have an answer don’t you! It’s never too late to start.