New Workshops Designed To Help Creative Companies Effectively Sell their Work

I am excited to announce our new TransformationSpark Workshops to help creative people to be more effective at communicating their ideas and to build stronger, more productive teams.

These unique Workshops are perfect for Ad people, Producers, Directors, Designers, Editors, Composers, Audio Engineers and Sales Reps: anyone who presents creative work or has to interact effectively with clients and team members.

Creative projects live or die based on how effectively you present yourself in meetings, conference calls and work sessions. Listening closely and communicating your ideas clearly and persuasively is critical to your success.

TransformationSpark Workshops are inspired by the techniques of improv. They are a carefully designed mix of games, exercises and guided discussions. Motivating, informative and entertaining: you’ll see real and immediate results. You’ll get new confidence, you’ll learn to listen without interrupting and you’ll communicate your ideas so much more effectively.

TransformationSpark is a joint venture with April Jaffe, CEO of Transformation and Executive Producer at music company Expansion Team. April is a smart and successful EP and consultant on new business development and marketing; she brings a deep understanding of the value of the improv techniques that are the basis of this program.

We have just given a Workshop for about a dozen staff and managers at a leading New York design firm, and they were most enthusiastic about it. Here is what they said:

We just put some of last night’s techniques to use on a (client) call a little while ago, thanks for the workshop!

Fun, useful and helpful. I will totally recommend it.

Everything I learned is useful for me at work and outside work, I’ll try to apply everything.

The discussion at the end about how to solve problems with conference calls was really helpful.

I’d recommend it. I think it was as much about team building and working better with your coworkers as it was about effective communication – and both are very important.

Let us hold a TransformationSpark Workshop for your team. Learn more about the Workshops at