New Year: New Business Model?

A leading film postproduction business owner talked in the press recently about “a whole new contemporary business model.” The NYT tells of ad agencies (former ad
agencies, perhaps?) who make and sell chocolate and furniture and tee shirts. Bake sale, anyone?!

Jim Cramer says, “Recessions are game-changers. It’s when those who are smart pass those who are not.” Paul Krugman said in the NYT that late 2009 the economy will begin to stabilize and he is fairly optimistic about 2010. So hadn’t we better be getting fired up to be a part of it?

At the highest level the new business model will be like the old. We will provide clients with what is wanted and valued, we will invest in our businesses, we will charge a premium for exceptional talent, we will value-price, we will market effectively, we will create better stuff than the next guy. We will make profits. What am I missing here?

Oh yes – what exactly is wanted,and what exactly can you and your company do to provide it.

Marketers will still want to get more cans in people’s hands, more site traffic, more bottoms in seats, more customer loyalty, more revenue. Customers will want more things of beauty, more entertainment, more value for money, more ways of expressing themselves, more security, more hope. So what is the Customer Value Proposition that you can bring to your target customer? Know this, and you’ll be well on the way to your new business model.

We call ourselves creative people – here is a great creative challenge. Are we having fun yet?

All the best for an exciting and profitable 2009