Your resume, your age

Questions from our Readers
Answered by Michael Pollock

Q: At what age should I change my resume to NOT reflect my age?

A: Your age should never be a key part of your resume – your story should do the work of pitching the position whether you are 24 or 59. But you will never really be able to hide your age from an efficient hirer.

So at any age you should lead with your experience and attitude and passion and value expressed in your resume intro or bio. This should make the case and give the impression that you are everything the hirer wants before they even think about your numerical age.

Then when they do discover your actual age – as they eventually will – you want them say to themselves, “Goodness he’s only 24 and he has done all that,” or “Wow she sure didn’t sound like a 55 year old, but she certainly has what we need and seems to be really on top of what is happening today. We have to talk to her.”