Is your website working for you?

Put yourself in the mind of a prospective client. You have to get something done and you heard of a company that might be able to help you. So you go to their website to help you make a decision. You’re looking for a quick answer to whether they have what you need.

So what will you learn if you go to your own website? Will it tell you what you need to know – quickly and easily?

Think about how that prospective client might have got to your site. It could be a sales call or an ad that drove them there, and they went to see if there is some substance behind your pitch. If your creative work is what leads your promise, then was your latest and greatest front and center?

First impressions are really important and you have two seconds to make a good one. In those few moments did your site provide a clear understanding of what exactly you could do for them? As much fun as the game was in grade school, prospective clients have no time to play hide-and-seek. This could be your only chance to wow them, because they’re going to be looking at someone else’s website in a few seconds.