A testimonial: I made great, recognizable strides under his guidance

I serendipitously discovered Michael while doing deep internet research in pursuit of a solution to a career quandary. I was feeling stuck, frustrated, and stymied – and I wanted guidance on how parlay my work experience thus far into a new chapter. I wanted to feel inspired, directed, and hopeful again. From the onset of our work together, Michael earned my respect with his encouraging but no-BS approach to coaching, as well as his intellect and wit. He’s incredibly articulate, insightful, and to-the-point. He asks astute questions and listens well – to be able to do both is a great gift.

After just a short time working together, I felt like I was cracking the code to a new way forward. (Incidentally, he was also particularly wise in his advice about specific workplace conflicts that arose during our coaching.) I made great, recognizable strides under his guidance and I recommend him highly to anyone hitting a wall or even stumbling slightly on their path to professional and creative success.

A testimonial from a Supervising Producer, NBC