An important career lesson from a corrupt NYC cop

Denny Malone is a deeply flawed (fictional) NY cop. He has fine intentions but his methods are violent, dishonest and very illegal. He was created by Don Winslow in his riveting bestseller The Force (“mesmerizing, a triumph. Think The Godfather, only with cops. It’s that good,” says Stephen King)

I’ve been thinking about what happens if you lose control of your own career. So was Denny Malone.

Quoting from The Force:

“Malone didn’t start out to end up here. Didn’t throw his hat in the air the day he graduated the Academy and took the oath, the happiest day of his life – the brightest, bluest, best day – thinking that he’d end up here.

No, he started with his eyes firmly on the guiding star, his feet planted on the path, but that’s the thing about the life you walk – you started out pointed true north, but you vary one degree off, it doesn’t matter for maybe one year, five years, but as the years stack up you’re just walking farther and farther away from where you started out to go, you don’t even know you’re lost until you’re so far from your original destination you can’t even see it anymore.

You can’t even get back on the path to start over.

Time and gravity won’t allow it.

And Denny Malone would give a lot to start over.

The moral of this story? Don’t be Denny Malone!