Why do creative pros look for coaching help?

The things that are keeping you up at night are most likely not unique to you. The particulars are yours and yours alone – but they probably fall into a category that has kept others awake watching that digital clock move oh-so-slowly from 3 am to 4am in the uncaring darkness.

I am naturally very interested in what challenges and opportunities move creative pros to seek out coaching help. Take a look at some of these excerpts from initial enquiries I’ve received in my coaching practice. Maybe they’ll help you put words on your own situation and let you know that you are not alone – and that maybe there is a way forward.

  • I need help getting back into a more creative space

  • I want the next step in my career to be a fuller expression of all I have learned

  • Help with pitching and communication skills

  • I’d like help to maximize on opportunities at hand

  • After years on corporate I am losing contact with good design

  • I need help improving my overall vision, core strengths

  • Leadership. My leadership is poor.

  • Defining and getting clarity on my overall goals

  • Leadership, decision making and creativity

  • I am required to lead a change management program

  • How to become a leader that inspires teams to big thinking

  • Should I get back into corporate or remain independent

  • How to transition from assisting other deisgners 

  • Need help getting my resume and cover letters in line

  • I need your expertise in helping me to GET OUT OF MY WAY

  • IT is more difficult to articulate my value to an organization that I thought it would be

  • I need help zeroing in on targets to pursue

  • looking to change career paths

  • I want to speak about what may be obstacles in my job hunt , and how I might overcome them

See! I told you that you’d recognize something in there. If you want to think further about your own situation, consider completing this 5 minute questionnaire.  I believe it will help you think things through. And if you want to send it to me after you’ve done it, then we can schedule a free consultation and perhaps have an idea or two that would help you.