How three Creative Pros use Twitter to further their goals

When Film Director Jody Lauren Miller started using Twitter, “I didn’t know what I was doing.  I just followed and was following – and most of them were useless.  You can follow a bunch of nonsense.  But as I got more focused I started searching for producers, ad agencies, production companies.”

She vets their credentials she says, “because it could be like me sitting in my basement saying I’m a film producer, or it could be an actual big-time film producer.”  In fact just such a big-timer checked to see who was following him, looked at Jody’s website and  “had his guy send me an email.”  This led to meetings in his Beverly Hills office and planning projects to work on together.  “I think people like this man are constantly looking to see who’s out there and what everybody else is doing,”  Jody told me.  “As everything is changing in the film business or the ad business, they’re looking for new stuff.”

Hollywood Casting Director Danielle Eskinazi says “Using Twitter has totally enhanced my work. Before, I felt very isolated. I wanted to be out there to see what was happening; not just in my own little world.”

Now through her Twitter activity, Danielle has become more intertwined with the industry.  “By making me more accessible, it has drawn me to bringing in different actors instead of just who the agencies send.”

She says it enables her to engage with other people than she usually has access to. “Agents, producers and directors are on there.” She began tweeting with someone who said he was a director: “A few months later he called and said he wanted me to work on a job for him.”

Before setting up a sales meeting, Digital Video executive Tom Peckenham looks at Twitter streams from people at the company. He doesn’t engage, but he sees who is thinking what and who would make a good person to contact.  Even more valuably, he says, he learns who he does not want to meet with!

But how do they make the time?  For Danielle, every so often during the day she takes a 10 minute break from watching auditions to tweet.  Sometimes she holds Twitter Q and A sessions for actors.  Jody tells me, “When I’ll check my email, I’ll check Twitter too and read a couple of links and then back to my business. It almost becomes a habit.”

So if you know what you need to get out of it, you can absolutely use Twitter to enhance your own work or job search.  As we’ve seen, used smartly it can help you grow a business, find out what’s new, learn who to avoid and even maybe get you connected to a big fish!