Executive Coaching for Creative Professionals

We have many years of experience working with some of the most talented creatives in the film, TV, PR, design and advertising businesses. Pollock Spark has helped film directors and producers, film editors, journalists, TV executives, Internet, marketing and media pros, industrial and graphic designers, and musicians get more of the kind of work they want to be doing.
We’ll help you articulate your strengths simply and clearly so that you can get the opportunities you deserve. We’ll help you to better understand your clients and market your creative work and talent more effectively.

Foundation program

A series of weekly phone-coaching sessions explores your goals and develops strategies for achieving them. We will work together intensively and you will continue on your own between sessions to refine and execute the ideas that we develop. You’ll get positive feedback, momentum and motivation as you take advantage of our objectivity and experience.

Depending on the specific goals we set for you, we’ll develop and focus your career goals.  Create a powerful, effective resume, cover letter and elevator pitch.  Polish a strong interview technique.  Seek out and target the best job or client opportunities.  Create a strategy for successful  networking.  All this is one-on-one, customized to your specific situation.

Here is how to get started:

* Email me to set up a 20-minute introductory phone consultation. We’ll discuss your hopes and goals and the challenges you are facing.  There is no charge for this session.

* When you decide to go ahead I will send you a questionnaire which you will complete and return to me before the first of our phone sessions.

* And we’ll be off and running – with weekly sessions of motivation, objectivity, advice and support.

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Leadership Coaching & Management Consulting for Creative Businesses

According to The Wall Street Journalmore than 60% of Fortune 500 executives work with a professional coach: an objective partner who provides perspective, clarity and motivation. A survey of Fortune 1000 clients found the return on investment for coaching services over a 6-12 month period:

* Monetary return was 6 times the coaching investment
* 71% improved relationships with their bosses
* 77% reported improved relationships with their direct reports

Leadership Coaching

We work with managers to strengthen leadership skills, delegation, innovation, team building, motivation and hiring strategy. We also work to alleviate the derailing behaviors which often occur in creative businesses. Clients have included:

* Managing Director of a PR firm
* CEOs and EPs of film production companies
* Advertising agency executives
* CEOs of TV businesses
* Executive Creative Directors of Design and Branding Firms

We know how hard it is to step back and be objective when you are immersed in responsibilities for all the day-to-day tasks of running a business – as well as keeping up the quality of the work.  This is so hard to do on your own:
take advantage of our insight, experience and enthusiasm to help strengthen your business.
Pollock Spark helps you chart a course for the future, providing objectivity, perspective, clarity and motivation. We’ll build on your strengths and help you get moving on things you’ve been putting off.  Together we’ll identify achievable outcomes and with our help you will work towards making them real.

We will help you clarify your vision, set achievable goals, make and implement a plan of action, grow your leadership skills, strengthen teams, boost communication skills, & more …

Business Planning

We work with companies to analyze capabilities and opportunities and to develop high-level business plans. Clients include:

* Film production companies
* A Global ad agency
* Music and licensing business

Marketing Strategy and Planning

You know your marketing is only really effective when all the pieces work together to tell the same story: the right story to the right people. Pollock Spark will help you develop a marketing strategy and put a plan into effect to generate real results.  Get in touch with us to get the Marketing KickStart that will make the difference for your business. We have developed marketing strategies and plans for companies including:

* Animation production
* Film and TV production
* Online games
* Graphic Design
* Industrial design
* Music production

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